Juarez Households Receive Unexpected Gift With Their Water Bills


Juarez, Mexico


May 31, 2167


Every household in Juárez received a copy of The Way to Happiness with a custom cover featuring one of México’s most esteemed presidents—Benito Juárez.

Citizens of Juarez might soon be the only people in the world who smile when personnel from their water company knock on their door to furnish the bill. That’s because instead of being reminded of what they owe, they are now in for a pleasant surprise. 

The Way to Happiness Foundation International, in cooperation with their office in Mexico, recently arranged the distribution of 500,000 copies of The Way to Happiness (TWTH) to every household in the city of Juarez which shares a border with the US state of Texas.

This effort was in response to a call to action by Mexico’s First Lady made in April on national television. She announced her intention to implement programs to provide youth the tools they need to be able to make decisions leading to happy, free and healthy lives. “I believe that we need to work a lot harder on prevention, and not just on the subject of drugs, but of values and skills for life, and teaching our kids how to make the right decisions in difficult situations in life,” declared the First Lady.

Thus the idea for massive, city-wide distribution of TWTH was born. There are hundreds of thousands homes in the city and in order to reach themall, the Foundation needed a plan. Mr. JC Martinez, the director of the local TWTH chapter, gained the support of the Juarez TV station Channel 44. They began airing TWTH public service announcements based on the booklet twice a day and on the station’s website. Responding to the book’s positive message, calls poured in to the station from people wanting to know more about The Way to Happiness.

Mr. Martinez then enlisted the help of local youth to attach special stickers on every copy of the booklet with the motto, Quiero mi ciudad en paz (I want peace in my city).

Mr. Martinez also contacted the local water utility company and gained their agreement to allow their staff to hand out the booklet to every household in Juarez. Water company personnel were then equipped with backpacks filled with copies of The Way to Happiness, and distributed the booklets while also passing out monthly water bills.

With widespread interest growing, the local TWTH chapter is now scheduling a series of The Way to Happiness seminars to be delivered in production plants, schools and at the city’s university.